Sateliot is the first satellite telecom operator for global continuous IoT connectivity merging satellite and terrestrial networks under 5G protocol

Sateliot is based on a constellation of satellites working as cell towers
from space

We are developing the first satellite fully compatible with 5G standard for Internet-of-Things

Sateliot will be offering to telecom operators a full coverage extension of their 5G IoT network in a wholesale mode




In the context of the inminent irruption of 5G technology and given its enormous potential to give life to the Internet of Things (IoT), it is essential to join forces with a satellite telecommunications operator that provides the infrastructure to be able to provide a global and continuous connectivity to all the elements that will form part of that IoT universe such as the autonomous car, intelligent cities or connected houses

How does it work?
A standar 5G IoT device reaches an uncovered point
The device tries to connect to the terrestrial network of its operator
Sateliot connects with the IoT device in a transparent mode
Our constellation acts as an IoT cell tower from space
Sateliot satellites receive, process and dispatch it in a secure and private mode the customer’s message to the telecom operator core network
The customer receives the information of the “out-of-coverage” device in a secure and transparent mode
The telecom operator offers full coverage to its customers
Sateliot satellites receives and retransmits in a secure and private mode the customer’s message to the telecom operator
The customer receives the information of the “out-of-coverage” device in a secure and transparent mode
The telecom operator offers full coverage to its customers
To help the telecom operators to connect permanently or occasionally uncovered devices is our aim. We are a transverse company, with potential to act in large sectors
Agrotech | Fishing & Maritime Apps | Oil & Gas | Wildlife | Critical Infrastructures | Utilities | Environmental | Outdoor Sports | Livestock

Global & Secure

With a Standard 5G IoT Device

In near Real Time

As a Wholesale Provider

In Seamless Mode

Connected world is a better world
Executive team
Jaume Sanpera, CEO
Jaume Sanpera, CEO

Founder and CEO of Eurona, a public company that went from 2M to 150M sales in 6 years.
A lover of technology and innovation, he has a background in Telecommunications Engineering, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Programme of High Management of Companies (PADE). His entire career has developed in parallel to technological development and entrepreneurship founding up to 9 companies which are specialized in high growth: Ambientum.com, Cidec a praxis technology, Festuc, etc.

Marco Guadalupi, CTO
Marco Guadalupi, CTO

Until last year Marco led all technical aspects of Eurona from its conception. He has solid experience in the telecommunications industry, having founded his own telecommunications services company after working for other companies such as Telecom Italia as a telecommunications engineer.

Jose Carrero, CFO

Chief Financial Officer with more than 14 years of national and international experience in different environments at listed companies backed by Private Equity from start-up phase to fundraising through IPO, Capital Increase and Hedge Fund. Holding responsibility over M&A, Due Diligence, Business Plan, Bonds Issuances and Debt Restructuring processes, and both Consolidated FS and Tax Group.

Albert Pujol, R&D Manager
Albert Pujol, R&D Manager:

Strong and large experience in driving R&D projects from their creation to the final results. Has been working in Eurona for the last 6 years. Created his own company as R&D advisor for large companies.

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