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MWC Shanghai | 5G: Where Are We Going from Here?




As MWC Shanghai 2023 enters its second day, Ariana Lynn, Senior Analyst at The Fast Mode spoke to Jaume Sanpera, Co-Founder, CEO, and President of Board of Directors at Sateliot, a leading satellite communication service provider. Jaume discusses his expectations for this year's event and the company's participation, including key announcements.


Ariana: How will this year’s MWC Shanghai be different from MWC Shanghai 2022?


Jaume: This year, standard satellite solutions for IoT will take the protagonist role. The ecosystem is moving really fast, and many companies from different areas are collaborating to make those solutions a reality as soon as 2024. We’ve seen enormous interest in the subject during 2023, and what was an unknown topic a couple of years ago is on everybody’s lips now.


By incorporating satellites into the 5G cellular ecosystem, massive IoT will finally be enabled outside of cities, benefiting hundreds of industries in transport, agriculture, energy production, and more. Also, since it can be used to prevent extreme weather or save water, it will be a key technological advancement to get through the coming climate change challenges. 

Ariana: What are the key event themes that you will be involved in?


Jaume: We have two speaking sessions, both on the 30th.

First: “Ecosystem Perspective - Determining scalable business models”


Ecosystem Perspective - Determining Scalable Business Models


Second: “Embracing A New Era of Manufacturing with 5G, Cloud & the Metaverse”


Embracing A New Era of Manufacturing with 5G, Cloud & the Metaverse


We will be discussing the power of the standard and the adoption of 5G combined with other technologies such as AI. Space is extremely complex, so we love these events in which we can have open discussions with lots of industry players, each one giving their unique take. We will be presenting a look into the near future, which is incredibly exciting since, day by day, we are breaking ground.


Ariana: Can we expect any key announcements?


Jaume: Yes, without saying names, I can tell you we’ve partnered with key companies to bring the first standard module compatible with IoT NTN for LEO satellites. This means both the hardware on land and the satellites will be ready for a commercial launch in 2024. There are, as well, other advancements in the readiness of our technology as we are performing successful E2E (end-to-end) tests. The details will come out very soon.


An experienced CEO with extensive experience in the Telecommunications Industry, Jaume Sanpera is a referent of technological entrepreneurship in Spain. Jaume has founded several companies, mainly in telecommunications, including Eurona, a publicly-traded company with a strong international presence, which was the first telecom satellite operator in Europe, Ambientum, a pioneer in Spain’s environmental sector, Cidec, a praxis technology company, TechnoTrends, Festuc, and more. Jaume is backed by almost 30 years of experience in Telecommunications and has numerous achievements in this sector.


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