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Sateliot has launched successfully the first standard 5G nanosatellite for IoT in history on 15th April 2023.


The satellite- which is named “The Groundbreaker”  -  is going to be put in space by the Falcon 9 of SpaceX,  Transporter 7. This marks a significant milestone for our company and our mission to revolutionize the Internet of Things (IoT) industry at planetary level.


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Sateliot launches its first satellite: 3B5GSAT

The launch into orbit was carried out from the Baiknour base (Kazakhstan) and the official name of the nanosatellite - the size of a small microwave oven - is 3B5GSAT. The Spanish company Open Cosmos also plays a crucial role in this task, a provider that will be in charge of the mission from start to finish, from the design of the nanosatellite, manufacturing, licensing, logistics, launch and operation once in orbit.