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IoT Satellite Network for Trackers in Maritime Transport

Marine shipping represents a massive opportunity for the satellite IoT connectivity 

According to the OECD(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), global trade is dominated by marine shipping, with around 90% of all goods transported by sea, where cellular connectivity is non-existent, making satellite connectivity the ideal solution for the implementation of IoT technologies in the maritime industry.


Pitfalls of current satellite network in the maritime traffic: not 100% global coverage and high cost


Vessels in maritime traffic relied on the actual satellite connectivity provided by the geostationary satellites, however as they cover only the fixed areas of the planet, so the actual satellite coverage is not 100% global.

Moreover, their far placement makes the vessel monitoring less efficient than Low Earth Orbit satellites, which come into play to fix this problem. Because without NB-IoT coverage at high sea, trackers and sensors can only record the information, uploading it once the vessels are near shore, when it is already too late to do anything with damaged cargo.

Furthermore, legacy satellite transmission costs for every container are a high addition to a vessel’s already expensive bills, particularly when considering tariffs and port and channel fees.


Sateliot and Sensefinity: launch the 5G IoT satellite technology in the smart containers to prevent cargo damage and make the maritime transportation more sustainable 


Sateliot is in collaboration with Sensefinity, the leading IoT provider for asset tracking and end-to-end solution, to launch 5G IoT satellite technology in the smart containers to prevent cargo damage. The partnership is going to to facilitate the first technology of data transmission from 1,000 smart containers that will save medium shipping companies up to $1.4 million per year on container maintenance and repairs.
With Sateliot’s full 5G NB-IoT satellite constellation, Sensefinity will be able to report location, temperature, humidity, vibration and container breach in near  real-time, unlocking a set of high-impact use cases such as notifications when a container falls into the ocean, alerting for fires inside containers, warning for cold-chain breaks for sensitive cargo like food and medicines and reporting impacts and damages in cargos.
Another advantage of this partnership between Sateliot’s global satellite coverage and Sensefinity IoT solutions in smart containers is the reduction of food waste and carbon emissions. Maritime transportation businesses will grow in a sustainable way, allowing an increase in revenue while caring for the planet. 


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IoT in Maritime Use Cases


Enhance marine logistics 

Keep track of the location of the boat and its containers at all times.


Increase visibility for fishing activities


Energy efficiency and fuel optimisation



Prevention & Maintenance optimization

Saving maintenance costs and extending the life of the boat.


Enhancing management of private boats


Facilitate rescue and safety tasks 

Positioning downed or stuck vessels in real-time and providing real-time information

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