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Satellite IoT empowers infrastructure management

IoT in the smart city planning

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the infrastructure and making its mark on smart city planning.

Cities worldwide, such as Paris, London, and Copenhagen, are adopting IoT technology in urban construction planning. Through connected IoT devices such as sensors and meters attached or embedded into the facilities, collecting and transmitting the data on the condition of the city infrastructure. By leveraging big data analytics, city decision-makers can extract actionable insights and carry out significant initiatives to create a better living environment for their residents.


How IoT can improve infrastructure management in rural areas

The contribution of the Internet of Things to urban infrastructure construction is undoubtedly substantial, and its impact on rural infrastructure development is also significant. With the Internet of Things, remote monitoring of those rural facilities such as rural roads or bridges is possible. In addition, because the sensors can measure the health condition of infrastructure by gathering data on humidity, temperature, expansion, vibration, or seismic waves, it helps to save maintenance costs and increase the operation's efficiency.

However, all the above functionalities can only become real on the condition of access to internet connectivity, which is a long-existing issue when deploying IoT networks in rural areas.


Sateliot's offering: satellite-based IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT

Given that only 10% of the Earth's surface has access to cellular coverage, this represents a fundamental problem in the digitalization of infrastructure construction and development in remote zones.

To solve the lack of connectivity, particularly in rural areas, we deployed a nanosatellite LEO constellation 500km from the Earth and works as a network of cell towers from Space. In addition, we provide global IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT, allowing unmodified commercial terrestrial devices to connect directly to our satellite wherever possible.

And there's no significant incremental hardware investment, whereas usually inevitable in the solution of traditional satellite operators.


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IoT in Infrastructure Use Cases


Highway visibility for safety alerts


Smart sensors for road infrastructure


Remote monitoring of critical infrastructure


Bridge health monitoring


Improved traffic and pedestrian safety


Railway visibility and accident prevention

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