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Satellite IoT in Mining


What’s new in mining?

The mining industry is currently undergoing a revolutionary transformation, and at its core lies the powerful combination of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cutting-edge technology of Satellite 5G.

IoT introduces a digital revolution in mining, leveraging sensors, wearables, real-time tracking, and visualization, predictive analysis for equipment malfunctions and landslides, and optimized fuel utilization based on raw data. These developments come at a time when the industry is grappling with global challenges such as labor shortages, falling commodity prices, and economic slowdowns.


What are the main challenges for the implementation of IoT in mining?

Cellular connectivity only reaches 15% of the world’s surface, and at the same time, traditional satellite service providers are not well suited for massive IoT. Sateliot’s approach is simple but groundbreaking; what if integrating cellular with satellite was possible? 

Sateliot is offering 5G LEO satellite connectivity allowing cellular devices to switch to satellite when needed!


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IoT Use Cases in Mining Industry


Environmental regulation compliance with parameter sensors 


Increase employee safety in hazardous locations


Monitoring sensors for better performance


Moving from preventive to predictive maintenance


Advanced data analytics


Machinery telematics monitoring for better equipment care 

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