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IoT for Energy & Utilities

Internet of Things is leading to a significant evolution of the energy sector in terms of cost-efficiency, big data analysis, sustainability, and new applications.

Companies in the power sector are adopting IoT in their energy management, for example, deploying smart meters, building IoT-enabled smart electrical grid systems for better control of energy supply and consumption, and automating the energy generation and distribution.

Meanwhile, with the increasing demand for energy and environmental consciousness among the citizens, governments and utility operators worldwide are speeding up their constellation of sustainable energy systems.

How can Sateliot’s 5G Satellite NB-IoT connectivity contribute to the sustainable energy system strategy?


We are the first satellite communications operator to provide IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT. Our constellation works as cell towers in Space, extending mobile operator coverage and providing global connectivity to unmodified commercial terrestrial devices wherever they might be.

Especially in those rural areas where there’s no cellular coverage, our satellite IoT connectivity is a perfect solution for connectivity in these areas, and it can be your trump card to tap into the potential of IoT.

In addition, unlike traditional satellite operators, we provide satellite connectivity under the standard protocol; it does not need significant incremental hardware investments and allows commercial NB-IoT devices to connect directly to our satellite. Totally affordable and cost-effective!

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IoT in Smart Energy Management Use Cases


Monitoring high voltage energy pylons remotely 


Cut costs by reducing energy loss


Electricity pole surveillance


Water management


Increase workers safety


Predictive maintenance

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