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Sateliot Applies FCC To Connect 5G NB-IoT Devices in the U.S. Directly From Space


American IoT Solution Providers To Have Full Satellite Network Coverage Thanks to Agreements with MNOs and MVNOs


San Diego, April 17th, 2023 - Sateliot, the company operating a low-Earth orbit (LEO) nanosatellite constellation under the 5G IoT standard, has submitted a market access application to the Federal Communications Commission to service the United States’ growing IoT market.

Sateliot is the first LEO satellite operator to leverage the 3GPP Release-17 Standard on its own constellation. Sateliot’s innovative approach provides coverage extension to MNOs and MVNOs through standard roaming agreements. American IoT solution providers will not need any more specific and expensive satellite devices. Now, they can connect to satellites with their current SIM cards and NB-IoT devices supporting Release 17 NTN and switch seamlessly between terrestrial and satellite connectivity as needed.

Sateliot’s 5G satellites can service massive IoT applications with a low-density constellation and few ground stations thanks to its approach based on a novel implementation that allows 5G IoT networks to work in Store&Forward. Its LEO satellites have global coverage and are capable of serving delay-tolerant use cases such as agriculture or smart metering, which account for 60% of the total IoT market.


Jaume Sanpera, CEO of Sateliot: “Our satellites serve as cellular towers from space. We connect commercial NB-IoT devices directly from the satellite with the best performance and competitive price options for the final users. Lower prices and better connectivity mean a productivity boost for several industries, such as logistics, tracking, energy, or oil and gas, which will now be able to connect to IoT regardless of where in the world they operate. This is a solution for any use case.” 


The Sateliot Smallsat System will enable Sateliot to expeditiously introduce its 2GHz MSS/IoT services while allowing partner mobile network operators (“MNOs'') to integrate NB IoT-NTN applications and greatly expand their geographic coverage without investing in additional infrastructure through a simple roaming agreement with Sateliot. The company intends to file a separate market access petition for its full commercial 2GHz MSS/IoT constellation in due course.


Sateliot has already partnered with more than 50 MNOs and MVNOs globally and looks forward to working with American mobile operators to provide new 2GHz MSS/IoT applications in the United States for the benefit of their U.S. customers. 


Sateliot is leading the satellite industry in standard implementations. It is the first and only new space company to become a member of the GSMA and the GCF, which is the top device compliance certification organization for manufacturers, operators and test laboratories. The company is merging 5G IoT terrestrial and satellite communications to provide seamless connectivity everywhere on the planet at a fraction of current satellite costs.


Sateliot has already built a sales pipeline of more than $1B across many regions, applications and verticals worldwide.