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IoT environmental monitoring

The intensity of the heat waves is spreading across Europe, sparking wildfires in the forests and causing heat-related deaths and ongoing droughts. In recent years, extreme weather conditions are becoming more and more common over the globe, putting the life of humans, animals, and entire ecosystems at threat.

The Earth needs our concerted action and practical implementation in the fight against climate change and its detrimental ripples.

How the Internet of Things can help fight climate change


IoT applications in environmental monitoring are becoming ubiquitous nowadays; private properties, enterprise premises, or public services are adopting IoT-enabled devices to monitor environmental changes. For example, smart meters to monitor energy consumption to avoid wastage, smart sensors for early fire detection and air quality monitoring, and smart wearables applied in wildlife protection. 

Though building up connected and responsive IoT networks, it can make climate data available to all and help to enhance the efficiency in the fight against climate change.

Sateliot's solution: satellite-based 5G NB-IoT connectivity for a better world


We offer IoT global connectivity under the 5G protocol, allowing NB-IoT devices to connect directly to the Space, which helps solve the lack of IoT connectivity in remote areas, makes the execution of essential projects affecting our society actionable, improves the environment, and supports wildlife protection.

We at Sateliot like to think we are contributing to a better world. If you are a climate-oriented public or NGO dedicated to SDG(Sustainable Development Goals), you are more than welcome to contact us. We would love to leverage our state-of-the-art technology, safeguard the Earth from Space, and make our endeavors for a better future for our generation and the generations to come.

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If searching for 100% global IoT connectivity solutions for the connected devices in environmental monitoring is the core of your business; we are what you are looking for! Contact us now to book a free trial of our World's first satellite-based NB-IoT connectivity. Let us help you to bring your services to the next level!



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IoT Environmental Monitoring Use Cases


Monitor firm’s greenhouse emissions such as methane or CO2


Identify presence of pollutants in air and water


Prevent illegal deforestation


Conserve endangered wildlife


Reduce water wastage


Early fire detection

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