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Transatel and Sateliot form a strategic partnership to deliver enhanced global cellular connectivity through satellite.


San Diego, October 2nd, 2023 -- Transatel, a front-running cellular connectivity provider servicing over 200 territories with a range from NB-IoT to 5G SA, and Sateliot, the pioneer in launching a LEO (Low Earth Orbit) 5G IoT satellite constellation based on the 3GPP standard, proudly announce their groundbreaking partnership. This alliance is designed to augment Transatel's expansive 200+ territorial reach by integrating satellite NB-IoT connectivity, further diversifying its already comprehensive suite of supported cellular technologies.


"Ever since its inception more than two decades ago, Transatel has consistently strived to transcend geographical limits. Our motto has always been 'Forget borders, go global.' While our cellular connectivity solution has indeed been vast, it was previously constrained by terrestrial networks, grounded in the terrestrial laws of physics. Today, I am immensely proud to present genuine global coverage, the merger of both terrestrial public networks, private terrestrial networks, and Sateliot's avant-garde non-terrestrial cellular connectivity. There is no single spot on earth we cannot provide cellular connectivity to." said Jacques Bonifay, CEO of Transatel.


Starting in 2024, Transatel will enhance its market offering by bundling its connectivity with Sateliot's pioneering Non-Terrestrial NB-IoT solution, thereby delivering truly global connectivity.


Until now, connecting to satellite operators involved high costs because it required buying additional hardware, such as antennas and signal receivers. Sateliot is the first LEO satellite operator to leverage the 3GPP standard protocol, which is already the norm for any MNO or MVNO for their terrestrial cellular networks. This novel approach allows any connected IoT device to seamlessly switch to satellite when the cellular network is unavailable. Sateliot is easing the path by signing standard roaming agreements with the user's current operators at a price very similar to that of regular mobile networks and without the need for a second SIM card.


Gianluca Redolfi, Sateliot’s CCO: "Our goal is to provide connectivity to the IoT world everywhere and to everyone. Why everywhere? Satellites are the only way to cover 85% of the world’s surface currently not reached by terrestrial cellular networks. Why everyone? Everyone should have access to it. This is why we work with a fully standardized approach; Sateliot’s NTN uses 5G standard technology providing an easy implementation and a low cost of ownership, which facilitates economies of scale and mass adoption of IoT. Hugely groundbreaking for a wide range of industries”.


Sateliot and Transatel, together, will help reduce the digital gap between developed and developing nations by providing true global connectivity; countries won’t be constrained by a lack of resources, infrastructure, or geographical limitations to access the internet, enabling hundreds of industries to flourish, boosting their economy. 



Key highlights of the partnership include:


1. Seamless compatibility with cellular and antenna devices in line with the 3GPP release 17 NTN standardization.


2. Holistic management of all technologies, encompassing terrestrial and non-terrestrial, via Transatel's unified SIM management platform.


3. Capitalization on Transatel's globally distributed infrastructure, ensuring reduced latency and enhanced bandwidth.


4. Deployment of Transatel's innovative SIM cards, not merely latching onto the strongest radio signal but intelligently assessing the usability of the network for data services, thus guaranteeing optimal service availability.


5. Such collaboration promises ubiquitous coverage, including previously challenging locales like the vast oceans, rural terrains, isolated mining sites, and towering mountain peaks.