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Best Global Partner of IoT Chip/Module Manufacturers

Sateliot collaborates with a number of IoT chip/module manufacturers on a global scale
offering them the opportunities to test their products under the 5G NB-IoT LEO satellite network

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5G NB-IoT Satellite Network for Testing
First Mover of the Standard 3GPP Release 17
5G NB-IoT Satellite Network for Testing

We are deploying the world's first LEO 5G nanosatellite constellation. It will provide direct connectivity for the standar 5G IoT devices from Space. 


Contact us to test your planned products with our 5G NB-IoT LEO satellite network.


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First Mover of the Standard 3GPP Release 17

With the 3GPP's Release 17 being frozen last year, a new revolution of the IoT industry is foreseen and a big market that will require modules and chips that support the standard 3GPP Release17 LEO.


Join force with Sateliot for the IoT business revolution and lead the market as the first mover.

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