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Sateliot Webinar 02 | How NB-IoT From Space Will Revolutionise the AgriTech Industry


Come and join Sateliot’s Webinar on June 23rd! 

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About the Webinar

Join Sateliot, Pod Group, DFM Tech and Nofence to gain valuable insights into how the mergence of terrestrial and satellite standard cellular 5G NB-IoT connectivity will open up a new frontier for the AgriTech industry.

In the second episode of Sateliot web-series the panellists will be discussing how Sateliot’s global NB-IoT service via roaming will open up new possibilities for scalability, sustainability and use cases for the agro sector worldwide. The lack of cellular coverage in many parts of the world has proven to be a major pain in allowing Agritech solutions to reach their full potential.

That is no longer the case!


Sateliot is the innovator of satellite connectivity, bringing 5G standard connectivity to space, allowing affordable communication to standard NB-IoT 5G unmodified devices everywhere on the planet earth. Combining satellite 5G and partners’ 5G telecom operators networks, is going to serve the world with the unique optimal solution mixing satellite and terrestrial networks into a revolutionary seamless connectivity. Sateliot's final solution is going to be leveraged by a multitude of applications across the globe having access to connectivity independently of location, at a fraction of today's satellite's connectivity cost and with the same devices that are used today, without any change to the hardware or antenna. 

Pod Group is the World’s First Enterprise Network Operator (ENO), with over 20 years of expertise in the IoT connectivity space. In July 2021, they were acquired by Giesecke+Devrient, leaders in eSIMs and eSIM management. The combination of the two will create a powerful proposition in the market through their combined eSIM/connectivity solution.


DFM is an AgriTech company that provides solutions for every agriculture need, be it software or hardware. With DFM's IoT products you can manage and automate your farming, save water and produce more.


Nofence AS is a Norwegian company that has developed the world's first virtual fence for livestock. Grazing animals should be on pasture, but that is not the norm because of all the fencing hazzle. That's why Nofence AS has developed a product consisting of a solar powered and cloud connected GNSS collar for sheep, goat and cattle. This collar, attached to animals, contains the animal within a virtual boundary. Physical fencing is no longer needed. Farmers can simply draw pastures on an app on their smartphone, and then start utilising their pastures way more efficiently and flexible than before. One of the most amazing results from this approach is that the production becomes closer to how nature designed it. Improving animal welfare, biodiversity and soil health.




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Webinar record: Sateliot's second webinar: How NB IoT From Space Will Revolutionise the AgriTech Industry

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