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Internet of Things in Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is experiencing a digital transformation by adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This advancement allows the sector to outpace other industries in terms of innovation and efficiency, with an anticipated economic impact of $930 billion over the next ten years. 


What are the benefits of IoT over oil and gas?

By leveraging advanced IoT technologies, oil and gas companies can improve operational efficiency, hazard management, maintenance costs, environmental monitoring, decision-making, analytics, inventory management, fleet and asset tracking, remote monitoring of storage facilities, and smart metering and billing.


The challenge:

Remote control of off-shore platforms is challenging as most activity happens in rural areas outside of cellular coverage. However, Sateliot offers 5G LEO satellite connectivity, allowing cellular devices to switch to satellite whenever cellular is out of reach!

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IoT in Oil and Gas Use Cases


Pipeline monitoring sensors 


Sensor-based tank monitoring


Rig integrity assurance and monitoring sensors


Reduce expensive equipment use



Increase workers safety


Machinery telematics monitoring for better equipment care 

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