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Satellite 5G NB-IoT to transform livestock management in out-of-cellular-coverage areas

IoT application in livestock management

Modern farmers such as cattle producers in remote area, are managing their livestock by ramping up the digitalization of their daily production,  different digital devices such as IoT-enabled livestock trackers (for example the collars or ear tags) or even the ingestible IoT sensors are adopted by the farmers in their livestock management system.


For example, Streamline's ear tag Model STR-TG103/4 gives farmers the certainty to have cattle under good condition, offering the ability to predict and control the spread of contagious diseases, track the animals' locations, preventing cattle theft and increaseing both farmer and livestock safety.


Thanks to the IoT technology, farmers especially those in remote farms can have all the data available at their fingertips, and monitoring their animal location or health conditions all the time, even though when they are away from farms.


Challenge of the livestock sector: lack of cellphone coverage

Nonetheless, traditional livestock management through cellular IoT devices has relied traditionally on conventional cellular connectivity, but most lands are located in rural areas where there's not cellphone coverage. And even though they can consider to leverage the proprietary network provided by the legacy satellite carrier, the high cost in purchasing and maintenance have made the smart livestock management inaccessible to most farmers worldwide. 

This is how Sateliot and Streamline are doing it: 5G NB-IoT NTN to improve livestock management in rural areas


Streamline accounts for 7.95 million livestock in the South African market. Their expertise in livestock management devices has relied traditionally on cellular network. However, Sateliot’s Non-Terrestrial Networks act as cell towers in space, giving Streamline’s 5G NB-IoT devices the ability to work in uncovered areas. 

In 2024, Streamline will deploy 400,000 cellular 5G NB-IoT livestock devices capable of connecting seamlessly to both cellular towers and Sateliot’s constellation.  

Furthermore, with no need for cell phone coverage and with low device-to-satellite transmission costs, it will facilitate Streamline's expansive growth and grants the ability to operate in uncovered areas, giving more flexibility to farmers worldwide. Supported by Sateliot's solution, Streamline’s goal for the coming years is to reach a landmark of 7 million devices worldwide.

Sateliot’s solution is more efficient and affordable for both Streamline and the final user than proprietary solutions from a legacy satellite carrier.



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IoT Connectivity Use Cases


Health monitoring for preventive care


 Animal location tracking 


Precise analytics of grazing patterns


Breeding practices optimization


Maximizing livestock livelihood


Monitoring reproductive cycle

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