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Benefits of Sateliot's Satellite IoT Connectivity

Sateliot's satellite IoT connectivity solution both integrates cellular and NTN (non-terrestrial-networks). You get the best of both worlds by connecting your cellular NB-IoT devices to our nanosatellite LEO constellation, since they will automatically switch between cellular and satellite networks. You will have seamless connectivity everywhere on the Earth.


If you'd like to improve the connectivity of your IoT devices with our satellite IoT connectivity solution, contact our team of experts today! 


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The Lowest  Prices
100% Global Coverage Map
Minimum Hardware Specifications Requirements
With Your Same SIM Card/eSIM
NTN IoT Community
The Lowest  Prices

The lowest prices for satellite IoT connectivity.


Sateliot is the first satellite operator that provides IoT connectivity directly from Space over 3GPP standard 5G NTN NB-IoT protocol. We have:

The best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) on the IoT market
The lowest subscription price in the satellite communication service
Minimum cost of investment in the business: easy adoption with your existing standard NB-IoT devices


We offer a limited number of free trial opportunities for IoT solution companies. You can contact us to book a free trial and connect your cellular IoT devices to our satellite network. It's free!

100% Global Coverage Map

100% global coverage map, no more connectivity gaps.


Our nanosatellite LEO constellation works as cell towers in Space, extending the mobile network coverage, providing connectivity to every corner of the planet, especially in those remote areas where the cellular network doesn’t have a coverage.


Click the button to book a free trial of our satellite connectivity, connect your cellular IoT devices to our satellite network and close the connectivity gaps today!

Minimum Hardware Specifications Requirements

We work hard to make sure you can have peacefulness when adopting Sateliot’s standard satellite-based IoT connectivity in your business.


In order to connect your IoT-enabled devices to our nanosatellite LEO constellation, you only need:


Firmware updates
And no hardware modifications in standard NB-IoT IoT devices


Sounds easy right?


To learn more information about the hardware specifications, you can visit our FAQs page, or you can click “Schedule a meeting” on this page, and simply schedule a meeting right away with our technical experts.

With Your Same SIM Card/eSIM

You don’t need to purchase another SIM card for Sateliot’s satellite connectivity to your IoT devices, the one you are using now for receiving cellular connectivity it's just right!


We provide the satellite IoT connectivity under industry standard protocol 5G NTN NB-IoT. Secure, reliable and scalable

• Sateliot has standard agreements with local MNOs/MVNOs all over the world. So you can continue to get cellular connectivity with your current mobile network provider(MNO) and will be able to seamlessly connect to satellite connectivity wherever your IoT business assets might be


Contact us to verify if the cellular carrier you are using now is on our MNOs/MVNOs partner list.

NTN IoT Community

From the ecosystem agreement, satellite and cellular will be integrated into one device in the near future. 


Sateliot has joined forces with other significant market players ranging from satellite operators, MNOs/MVNOs, IoT Chipset Manufacturers, to co-create the NTN-IoT Community. It is the first online community dedicated to the satellite 5G NB-IoT.


Professionals like IoT Application Developers have joined the community to collaborate and share their expertise or questions. Tons of open sources about NTN are created by the community members, and you can get access to all of them once you become a member.


Click to join the community, start to collaborate with IoT professionals from all over the world!


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