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Do I need a separate SIM for the satellite connectivity?

No you don’t. Your existing cellular SIM card will work for both cellular and satellite connectivity, so no special SIM card is required for Sateliot’s satellite connectivity.

Is it necessary to purchase additional equipment to connect my IoT devices to Sateliot’s network?

No. Sateliot’s network operates for standard NB-IoT devices, so all IoT devices that support standard NTN NB-IoT connectivity can use our network.

Does Sateliot manufacture the terminals?

No, we don’t. Sateliot is a satellite operator to provide the standard 5G NB-IoT connectivity. The terminals/modules will be provided by existing modules/chipset manufacturers.

What are the benefits of using standard protocols?

Well, standard publicly available protocols can be used for chipsets from a wide
range of manufacturers. This results in greater competition and lower costs. Plus, using a standard protocol eliminates the need to use any proprietary protocol.

What are the benefits of connecting directly to the satellite without going via a gateway?

By having standard devices connect directly to the satellite, the connectivity is greatly simplified as there is no need to install, maintain and manage the gateway. So again, it can optimize considerably your business cost.

Who is Sateliot?

Sateliot is a Barcelona-based startup in the New Space sector, founded in 2018 by Jaume Sanpera (CEO), Marco Guadalupi (CTO), Jose Carrero (CFO), Albert Pujol (RID), becoming the first satellite telecommunications operator that will provide global and continuous connectivity to all the elements that will make up the massive Internet of Things (IoT) universe under the 5G NB-IoT protocol. We have opened opportunities for companies in the IoT ecosystem to test for free our service through joining the Early Adopters Program. For more information about the program, please visit: Early Adopters Program. Please visit our Overview page to find out our mission and vision.

Why should I invest in Sateliot?

We are developing the constellation of low-orbit satellites that will extend the mobile operator coverage and provide global connectivity to unmodified commercial IoT devices wherever they are. The number of IoT devices is expected to be 29 billion in 2030. However, 90% of the Earth’s surface has no mobile coverage due to a lack of infrastructure. So the demand for satellite-based IoT connectivity is urgently needed, and its potential is endless. For more information in investing in Sateliot, please send your request to: jose@sateliot.space

What’s the relationship with 3GPP?

3GPP stands for 3rd Generation Partnership Project, it’s a collaborative project between a group of telecommunications organizations, it develops and defines standards and protocols for mobile telecommunications. Sateliot has made the most contributions to Release 17 within the 3GPP from a satellite operator perspective, contributions that were unanimously accepted by all the members.