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Sateliot and Telefónica: satellite-based 5G NB-IoT connectivity helps to consolidate Telefónica’s position as a benchmark in IoT

Companies in the industries such as agriculture, maritime, logistics, and energy & utilities are accelerating the digitalization of their business operation to enable data-driven business decisions in today’s algorithm economy. And the success of the deployment of IoT technology is promised to be a vital proxy in the organization’s digitalizing process.

The Kite Platform, a managed IoT developed by Telefónica Tech, provides IoT connectivity management for customers in various industries: agriculture and, livestock, logistics, among others, empowering them to have more control over their business assets. The Platform supports mainstream SIM cards, traditional cellular connectivity, narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), and LTE-M technologies.

Challenge: terrestrial connectivity is only limited to 10% of the Earth’s surface and is costly sometimes

Despite the frenzy of benefits garnered from the IoT deployment, companies often encounter two barriers when they carry out their IoT strategy in real life: connectivity and the cost invested in the access to the connectivity.

As per data, around 90% of the Earth’s surface has no cellular coverage due to the lack of infrastructure, for instance, in the open sea or other remote zones where it takes herculean efforts to reach. Satellite connectivity turns out to be an alternative in this scenario.

However, the satellite connectivity provided by traditional satellite operators is typically expensive due to the usage of proprietary technology. In addition, it requires investment in the hardware, such as modules, to be able to connect to the satellite.

These two challenges have stopped companies from scaling up their IoT deployment and forced them to give up the market potential in some areas.

Sateliot’s satellite 5G NB-IoT connectivity allows NB-IoT devices to connect seamlessly to existing terrestrial and satellite networks, helping Telefonica deliver a greater level of service excellence

We deployed a nanosatellite LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellation 500km from the Earth and works as a network of cell towers from space, providing global IoT connectivity over 5G NB-IoT. The Internet of Things can connect directly to our satellite without needing extra hardware, such as an antenna. This helps to tackle the plague of limited connectivity in rural areas.

We provide IoT connectivity based on the 5G NTN NB-IoT standard protocol, so the technology is compatible with your existing IoT devices, which can contribute dramatically to the saving in cost compared to the traditional satellite operators that provide connectivity with the proprietary technology.

The collaboration will allow the NB-IoT devices of Telefonica’s customers to connect seamlessly to Telefonica’s current terrestrial NB-IoT networks and Sateliot’s satellite network. So the customers can access the IoT connectivity wherever they are, even in a rural area like the open sea.


"We are convinced that these types of solutions will help us to consolidate our position as a benchmark in IoT thanks to our Kite platform and other innovation projects based on virtualisation and the deployment of the network in the cloud. 5G satellite connectivity access provides a standards-based answer to IoT customers who require full coverage using the same NB-IoT devices that the industry already has."

-Carlos Carazo, Technology & Technical Operations Director of IoT and Big Data at Telefónica Tech



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