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IoT Applications

Satellite IoT Connectivity Applications

(IoT) Internet of Things is revolutionizing production in different industries, ranging from smart agriculture to smart farming, to smart logistics and smart energy. It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to digitalize their production by implementing IoT technologies in different aspects of their production processes by connecting devices and objects, receiving, transmitting the generated data, and then analyzing the big data to make informed business decisions.

We are the first satellite operator to offer global satellite IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT at a similar price to the terrestrial, enabling the digitalization of key sectors by providing satellite-based NB-IoT connectivity globally.

Our low earth orbit constellation of NB-IoT satellites brings a new frontier for the internet of things allowing all sectors to fully implement IoT technologies and reap the benefits of digitalization at the best cost of ownership.

Find out what are the use cases of the IoT application in different sectors and contact us for booking a free trial of our satellite connectivity for your use cases.

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IoT is reshaping agriculture towards more efficient and sustainable patterns of production.


IoT provides the best Livestock monitoring solutions for more productive farms.


Global IoT connectivity provides end-to-end visiblity for the marine sector.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector is experiencing a massive transformation, IoT is at the forefront of this revolution.

Transportation and Logistics

IoT is set to improve the whole supply chain by reducing transportation costs and enhancing logistics management.

Energy & Utilities

IoT adoption in the energy sector is having a revolutionary impact, improving sustainability, optimizing reliance, and creating new business models.


IoT allows the remote monitoring of critical infrastructure preventing accidents and increasing overall efficiency.


For remote locations and extreme sports - The remote wearable devices market has experienced a tremendous growth thanks to the advent of modern communications and IoT.


IoT is proving to be a great tool to combat climate change and biodiversity extinction, making a more sustainable world for future generations.

Oil & Gas

IoT provides safer, more compliant and efficient Oil and Gas operations.


The mining Industry benefits from the increase in productivity provided by IoT-enabled technologies.


The IoT revolution is ready to be applied to military intelligence overcoming the lack of terrestrial connectivity in many conflict zones.